With Southeast Asia’s blockchain industry on the rise, the need for a community hub becomes pivotal to advancing development in the space. Blockchain Asia was founded on the premise of bringing community together and holistically supporting the region’s emerging blockchain industry.


Blockchain Asia supports the development of the Southeast Asian blockchain industry by way of 3 main pillars.


Providing blockchain training courses in partnership with reputable institutions


Organising events that bring together up-and-coming regional talent with global leaders


Assisting with the technical development of new and existing blockchain projects


The global blockchain job market has grown a staggering 1200% in 2016 and 2017 alone. To cater to this rising demand, Blockchain Asia provides access to a host of certified training courses that help Southeast Asian entrepreneurs and developers meet the challenges of this ever-evolving market. By working closely with reputable local and international educational institutions, we enable regional talent to rise to global standards.

VIew courses


Through our world-class blockchain conferences, meet-ups and sponsored events, Blockchain Asia serves as a platform to showcase and advocate the latest endeavours of the Southeast Asian blockchain industry.

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Blockchain Asia bridges the gap between consultation, implementation and process by providing companies with the tools necessary to fulfil technical requirements such as tokenisation, exchange listings, development and more.

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