BLOCKCHAIN EXECUTIVE EDUCATION presented by Blockchain@Berkeley

by Blockchain Asia, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley

Blockchain Asia are proud to partner with one of the worlds foremost educational institutions, the University of California, Berkeley, to offer this comprehensive course in Asia. In the space of just a few days, you and/or your company will gain an comprehensive and actionable introduction to blockchain technology and its applications, enabling you to hit the ground running with your blockchain implementation plan.

Blockchain Executive Education is a unique course that enables enthusiasts, developers, executives or entire companies without prior blockchain experience to gain a footing in this complex yet rewarding field. The course assumes no technical or blockchain background, and is designed to develop a strong intuition of blockchain and its applications, piece by piece.

The entire syllabus is specially designed by Blockchain@Berkeley’s world-class team, ranging from computer scientists to business leaders, and is targeted towards busy individuals and organisations who may not have the time or resources to develop blockchain capabilities on their own.



Course material is flexible according to the needs of the individual or organisation. The course can be delivered in time spans ranging from an abridged single day course to a full three day course, but will contain the following key elements:

  • An introduction to blockchain technology and its use cases across industries
  • A deep-dive into the vast blockchain ecosystem, including ICO business models, key infrastructural and blockchain products, blockchain architectural models, and laws and regulatory frameworks
  • Analytical frameworks for blockchain in business, including an introduction to cryptography, an overview of active research areas and a discussion on the limitations of blockchain
  • A use case brainstorming session where participants are encouraged to present their ideas to lecturers and other participants

Although the particular topics emphasized may change depending on adaptation for particular audiences, the baseline syllabus of the Blockchain Executive Education course will include the following:

Intro to Bitcoin and Blockchain:

  • Blockchain terminology
  • Blockchain history
  • Understanding Consensus
  • Mental Model and Concepts
  • Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  • Basic smart contract examples

Business Use Cases:

  • IoT
  • Identity
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Energy
  • Healthcare

Enterprise Blockchain:

  • Blockchain Types
  • The Platforms
    • Hyperledger
    • Ripple/Stellar
    • Chain
    • JP Morgan Quorum
  • Consensus Algorithms
    • Proof of Work
    • Proof of Stake
    • Proof of Authority
    • Classic Byzantine Fault Tolerance
    • PAXOS/Raft
  • Choosing an algorithm

The State of the Industry:

  • Major ecosystem players
  • Companies exploring blockchain today
  • Notable PoCs and pilot projects
  • Governments exploring blockchain
  • Research Initiatives

ICOs and Venture Funding:

  • Venture Capital
  • The ICO business model

Ecosystem Infrastructure:

  • Using Blockchain
    • Wallets
    • Smart contract UX
  • Building on Blockchain
    • Developer tools
    • Decentralized Storage
  • Blockchain Products
    • Identity
    • Physical Authenticity
    • Arbitration


  • Key management
  • Blockchain in the stack
  • Mobile integration and Light Clients
  • Oracles and External data sources
  • Software development risks and best practices

Regulation and Adoption:

  • Standardization efforts
  • Legality of smart contracts
  • Existing Laws
    • KYC/AML – Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering laws
    • MSL – Money Transmitter License
    • NYB – New York Bitlicense
    • Money Services Businesses
    • Cryptocurrency tax implications
  • Ethics
    • Circumvention of taxes
    • Money laundering
    • Right to Erasure
  • National/global perspectives on blockchain
    • Legality of ICOs
    • Challenges to adoption – Problems to Overcome

Cryptography Basics:

  • Goals of cryptography
  • Cryptographic primitives
  • Example cryptography schemes
  • Central databases: Benefits and drawbacks
  • Constructing blockchain use case counterexamples

Active Areas of Research:

  • On-chain scaling
  • Off-chain scaling
  • TEE-based
  • Horizontal scaling and interoperability
  • “Vertical” scaling
  • Governance
  • Platform and smart contract security
  • Reputation
  • Privacy

Challenges to Adoption:

  • Technological Risk
  • Horizontal Integration
  • User experience
  • Error handling
  • Platform scalability
  • Platform security
  • Smart contract security
  • Legal uncertainty
  • Endpoint security
  • Encoding complexity


  • Long term outlook
  • Moonshot Use Cases
  • Generalizations – When to use a blockchain?
  • Use case framework


This executive education program is designed for any individual or organisation seeking to gain a strong grounding in blockchain for the purpose of business, in a short space of time. The program is ideal for for executives interested in how blockchain might benefit their company, builders ready to hit the ground running with a blockchain POC, innovators looking to see how blockchain can be applied to real world problems, or enthusiasts simply looking for a unique introduction and perspective on the industry.



There are no technical or blockchain-based prerequisites to take this program.